Julian Sojka
Julian Sojka

Julian sojka

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Julian grew up in a family of filmmakers. His father is a director of photography and his mother a film critic. Friends of the family include movie directors, producers, actors, stuntmen and costume designers. The atmosphere of the city of Lodz, the so-called Polish Hollywood, intensified his sensibility and influenced to a great extent his decision on what he wanted to become as an adult.

Initially, he wanted to become an architect but a gift from his grandma, a camera, made him change his plans and decide that he would be working with the image.

He started working as a photojournalist in 2005 at one of the major newspapers in Poland. Meanwhile he was studying at the prestigious Polish Film School in Lodz, at its Department of Photography. He wanted to remain at the centre of important events, he wanted to be a reporter of war and to be a witness to those events. He prepared a couple of exhibitions with his photographs taken in Kosovo when the country gained independence or riots in London during the G-8 in 2012 and other important events. Capturing the world in motion was always the objective.

After earning a Bachelor degree in Photography he decided to enter to the legendary Cinematography Department of the same school and succeeded in passing the entry exams.

The Film School shaped his view of the world and the study under the mentorship of some of the best Polish cinematographers such as Sobocinski, Ptak or Lenczewski, which cemented his position as a talented film image operator. Under the supervision of such inspiring teachers and in an atmosphere that encourages artistic creativity, he developed various projects and film forms. In this way, Julian mastered the art of film lighting, composing the image, and all visual aspects of movie production. He has a deep knowledge of most types of cameras and keep up to date with technical news. He is an artist, displaying his sensitivity and creativity in both long and short forms of filmmaking.

The wide spectrum of his interests include photography, filmmaking and composing music.